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American lamb is just that, it has been raised in the U.S. Most quality American lamb comes.

This breed is the largest in size and many say is the highest in quality and consistency. American lamb has grain in its diet and thus tastes less “gamey” compared to imported lamb which is typically grass fed.

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Week days  —  9.00 – 24:00
Saturday —  Closed

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Delicious Coffee

Delicious and pleasant coffee is waiting for you with our cozy cafe, there is any coffee for any gourmet

Stunned Burgers

Tender and juicy meat, the freshest ingredients make our burgers uncommon to taste

Pleasant Desserts

The most unusual and tasty desserts from our chefs will not leave you without a sweetie
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New coffee. New recipes and tastes
New coffee. New recipes and tastes

New coffee. New recipes and tastes

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Defluco Cafe Street, 5th District, France 256421
+39 059 223912

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